Long weekend in Italy

Villa Olmo, Lake Como

I was going through our photos recently and realized that I had never posted pics from a long weekend in Italy that the little chica and I took to visit her friend in Bergamo. Although it was a very short trip, it was good eating, as usual! We stayed in Bergamo with our friends the Myliuses, and took a couple of day trips: one to Lake Como and another to Verona, both of which are really charming places to visit (even though the day we were at Lake Como, there was a freakish rain/windstorm that seemed to catch everyone off guard!)

Donatella made us a delicious appletart from a family recipe, among other yummy things to eat.

Of course we picked up sweets at this bakery in Citta Alta, Bergamo.

At one of the bakeries in Bergamo, Donatella pointed out a specialty: a giant croissant filled with Nutella. Bon appetito!

Donatella took us to an amazing restaurant the night before we left — La Colombina, which specializes in la cucina bergamasca, total dishes from Bergamo. Here are casoncelli, the local filled ravioli served with butter, bacon and sage, and risotto with a red wine reduction. Very very rich but really delish. (and also affordable, with the most expensive dish being only 12 euro!)

In season peaches at the neighborhood market near the Mylius home.

The town center of Verona is really compact and walkable. Here is a statue of Berto Barbarani, a famous poet from Verona.

And of course no trip is complete without gelato! Here is the little chica’s favorite flavor: yogurt.