New prez loves Hawaiian plate lunch

As I’ve written before, one of my favorite “bad for you” comfort foods is Hawaiian plate lunch. How cool is it to have a new president who agrees with me?

The New York Times ran a story today on how — because Obama always hits Zippy’s and Rainbow Drive-in when in Oahu — the plate lunch is poised to enter the mainland mainstream.

Of course, as I’ve written before, my favorite plate lunch is katsu chicken (I make it at least once a week, and you can find the recipe here.) Kalbi (short ribs) runs a close second. Add some mayonnaise-y macaroni salad and steamed rice (no vegetables please!), and you have an artery-clogging lunch that’ll make you nap in the afternoon.

I guess the real question is whether we will see Spam musubi on the White House menu. Probably not. Katsu, though… definitely.

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