World blog surf day

For World Blog Surf Day, I’ve decided to post some snapshots of the things I like as an American foodie living in Holland. It’s a bit weird to do this because you really have to think back to what it was like to be new to this place, but it’s difficult because it’s become so normal. Let’s focus on those Dutch things that float our boat, shall we?


Who doesn’t love Vlaamse frites?

Market cheese stands — a dime a dozen

Hollandse Nieuwe: I know this is on the list of ‘what I hate’ for a lot of expats, but honestly, how can you hate marinated fish with onions? (Okay, I can still see how someone might hate that, but not me). 

Where else can you ride a bike with two kids and not fight any hills?

If you make it through the long winters, you start to appreciate that high ceilings are the standard in old Dutch houses.

Maybe the most amazing garden ever: The Keukenhof (only open March-May, by the way).
Now to link to Internation Musing, a really nice blog collective of many people living in different countries. Sounds like Hans is in charge of the post for this event!