Waffles and Breakfast
Favorite hot chocolate
Oatmeal pancakes with yoghurt-banana topping
The best (and easiest) yeasted waffle
Waffles, not shortcakes (waffles with strawberries and cream)
Back to basics (buttermilk waffles)
The accidental scone
Waffle Disaster! (Even Easier Crispy Waffles)
The Perfect Waffle


Cupcakes with salted caramel buttercream
Gooey double chocolate chip cookies
Chocolate crinkle cookies
Roasted chestnuts
Pumpkin cheesecake
Raspberry oatmeal bars
Rhubarb strawberry crumble
Strawberry shortcake
Kickass brownies
Vanilla rice pudding
Classic chocolate chip cookies
Raspberry almond clafoutis
Quark ice cream
Sweet potato ice cream
Chocolate malt, perfected
Super chocolatey ice cream
Coconut caramel cream tart
SHF 27: Droste chocolate cake
Linzertorte with cheater’s lattice
Can of goodness (dulce de leche)
Appeltaart: apple pie, Dutch stylie (Dutch appeltaart)
Chocolate walnut tart with cajeta (surprise!)
Intense chocolate souffle
Yvonne’s rhubarb bread
Having your (cup)cake and eating it two (ways)
When life hands you vanilla, make ice cream
Chewy chocolate chip cookies, by accident
Cajeta, documented
One Smart Cookie… (Anzac Biscuits)
Have an Outrageous Valentine’s Day! (Little Outrageous Brownies)


Sesame noodles with smoked eel
Grilled chicken with pineapple marinade
Weekday paella with sausage
Garlic shrimp with coconut milk
Weekday spaghetti and meatballs
Tofu with peanut sauce
Stir-fried brussels sprouts with garlic
Weekend ragu with homemade pasta
Everyday arugula salad

Red lentil dal
Barbeque pork skewers
Stir-fried gai lan (Chinese broccoli)
Simple guacamole
Stir-fried snow peas
Katsu chicken
Four ingredients = tomato mozzarella tart
R to the izzo (mushroom risotto)
Quiche duo (spinach and mushroom quiche, bacon and cheese quiche)
Naan bread
Butter chicken curry
Canary Islands mojo
Chickpea stew
Super salmon (Salmon with kecap manis)
Cheater’s soup noodles
One of the easiest recipes I know (Pork shoulder braised in milk)
Not lemons, but plenty of garlic (Baba ganoush)
More bacony goodness (Asparagus with bacon)
Bacon… mmm…. (Pasta with bacon and tomato sauce)
Beef and coconut: So happy together… (Beef Ginataang)
The joy of lemons (Preserved Lemons)
Bravo AB! (Standing Rib Roast)