I heart coffee and gelato

You know, even in the middle of winter, Milan is not a bad place to hang out if you love gelato. And coffee. Or gelato with coffee (otherwise known as affogato). Lucky for me I got to travel there twice in a month. Even with less than 48 hours for each trip, I got my fix.

Macchiato and gelato

Macchiato and gelato (hazelnut and chestnut) in the background. Does the pattern confirm that the dude was flirting with me? Eh, probably not. Bianco Latte, Milan.

Never too cold for ice cream
Yoghurt and Bacio. Bianco Latte, Milan.

3 scoops @ Chocolat, Milan, Italy
Bomby. Pistachio and fiordilatte from Chocolat, Milan.

6 (count 'em, SIX) types of chocolate gelato
Gotta love a place that has SIX kinds of chocolate gelato. Chocolat, Milan.