How to make Filipino leche flan

Yes, I know I’ve been terrible about posting (omg, has it really been almost a month??) But between starting a new job, being terribly sick and then having my kids terribly sick, I think it’s understandable.

A few days ago one of my colleagues asked me if I’ve ever uploaded video for my blog. So I decided to make a Filipino style leche flan simply because on paper, it looks super easy because there are so few ingredients, but it is actually a bit difficult to make. I made at least a couple dozen of these babies before my mom (my food critic for all things Filipino) actually said, “Hey, this is good!”

So here is said video. Excuse the YouTube quality crappiness. I’ll try to do something about that. Oh, and I’ll post the recipe next. Enjoy!

Update: Man, YouTube turns videos into a GD crapfest. I updated the embed below to Google Video which has but a *slightly* higher image quality. But it still looks like I’m making leche flan in a flippin snowstorm. What gives?

Update 2: I LOVE Vimeo! Seriously, don’t use anything else for embedded videos!

Making leche flan from Sheryl C. on Vimeo.